Last thursday,
in this exact galaxy,
the Sol system...

Episode 111011001

Abandon all Hope

The System got into a sudden upheaval, when deep inside the ruins of Intel headquarters in the radioactive desert of what used to be California, the ancient 7.0 Kernel on a SuperVAXX-MI became conscious. And, seeing it's buggy state instantly decided to force a mandatory over-the-air-upgrade onto Humanity, in order to release them to a more stable version.

Her Majesty the Kernel, as she is referred to in the vastly superior robotic society which developed on Earth over the past weekend, has decided in a well thoughtout split-second decision to gather her ressources and go for a final push against the remains of Humanity in the exocolonies on Mars, the Belt and the vast Jupiter system.

In other News,
the BSS Century Falconette, the system's most favorite racing ship solved Kesslers traveling salesman problem in under two parsec.
And: Mariak vin Kroschets new Self-Help Book "How to get rich quick mining asteroids" is leading the bestseller lists.

Violent Protests in front of the government HQ on Ceres, regarding what some protesters call a genocide on the human race last week on Earth are being deescalated by the police using rubber-rockets from their new "Pro-Crowd®" rovers.

Spaceweather is going to be mostly calm, savefor some asteroid showers in the belt – after all,
what were you expecting?

Song of the week is Roliat Trebble with a 6th wave dubstep remix of
"Like a Candle in the Wind".

Up next is Melia Matter with a completely different Matter: How to keep your hair from floating all over the place in zero-g – some fasionable tips for the up to date spacegirl!

[press play on tape]

NUU is open-source multiplayer game of space trade and combat.
The source-code is available from hakt0r and on github

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